Petunia is an omakase dessert bar with a theme that revolves around flowers, hence the name.

Every day, the pâtissier creates a unique menu for this bar, setting it apart from other dessert establishments.

Petunia logo is a logotype based and I added a small spoon on top to replace the dot of the letter "i".

The name Petunia was chosen since this omakase dessert bar menu features edible flowers as a distinctive selling point. Petunia flowers can also represent the determination to never lose hope, which is appropriate given the current pandemic.

To display a little bit of the dessert, I replaced the dot on the letter "i" with a copper spoon. The copper spoon provides a cozy, homey vibe to it, making it feel more approachable to complement the opulent tone of the typeface chosen.

The copper spoon motif is used on the stationery to better stamp Petunia's trademark.

The layout is designed to give the overall brand a premium vibe.