UI / UX Design

nongki was created with the aim of bringing people together. It’s an app that’s designed to find a friend for you, it’s smart calculation system can find you the best match in no time.

The main objective of the presentation was to create a logo and branding, complete with the brand guidelines and brand expression. The brand has to at least help solve a problem and the final output is up to the designer as long as the concept fits.

The logogram is a whale which is also the mascot for nongki. The logo consists of 3 different elements which are, whale, GPS sign, and a korean heart sign.

The reason I choose whale for my logo is because of a true story of a 52 Hz whale that has no friend because of it’s different frequency than the other whales. So, it keeps on singing and tavel around the world to find it’s friend. The GPS location is to represents your location and the heart sign can be seen from the side which represents love between friends.

The name nongki is the colloquialisms form of an Indonesian word which is, “nongkrong”. It means to hangout with your friends anywhere without any boundaries of environment, it can be in your house, cafes, malls, and many more, there’s endless possibility.