Print Media
Principle of Layout

melontikos is the title of a tarot reading event taken from the greek which mean future. The tarot card main visual itself is greek gods and goddesses, illustrated with my own unique style.

The main objective of this project was to create a tarot card by combining two things, in my case, I combined greek gods and goddesses with my own style, and to create a promotional poster (A3 and A1) to promote the tarot reading event.

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The tarot card main visual is the greek gods and goddesses illustrated with my own style accompanied by their significant power represented through the icons.

The reason I created this style of illustration is because I want to change how people see greek gods and goddesses. People always assume greek gods and goddesses as a scary, mighty, divine and unapproachable beings, but I want people to see them in a new perspective where they can be a friendly and approachable beings.

The A3 poster use one of the character from the tarot card to give more focus on that character and the typography was a custom font, made especially for this event.