UI/UX Design

LE NU ORDINAIRE is an imaginary department store, created during the pandemic with the objective of re-imagining shopping experience.

By using existing technology to make sure people follow the health protocol, so that we can minimize the spread of the virus and at the same time people can do their shopping without having to worry about their health safety.

Our logo is based on line illustration. It is carefully constructed to maintain own-able characteristics of the brand.

LE NU ORDINAIRE means the new normal in french.The logo itself is a line illustrations of the department store with the city landmark of where does the store stands.

A responsive logo was made, since the main logo has a lot of small details, it won’t be visible when you use it on small applications.

Responsive logo is very useful especially for a brand which has product that varies in shapes and sizes. With responsive logo you don't have to worry about the visibility of the logo even on the smallest applications.

The responsive logo was crafted carefully so that it doesn't change the identity of the brand by taking advantage of the most iconic thing from this logo, which in this case is the star symbol.

Le Nu Ordinaire was designed to reduce as many interactions between people as possible, therefore we create separated buildings and set up a shuttle bus system.

With each building being set apart, it is hoped that not too many people will end up crowded into one structure. With the semi-outdoor area it is hope that the air circulation is better so that, the chances of virus roaming around the premises are lower.

The shuttle bus system will also have their own quota to ensure social distancing between each passengers.

One way system was implemented to ensure less human interaction between each customer.

The placement of each product categories were also designed from the most essential for our target audience to make sure they don't forget to get the things they needed.

For our customers who doesn't feel like going out on their own to get the groceries, we also provide a VR shopping booth for them to shop "remotely" and our employees will pick the items for them.

We provide an application where our customers can access everything in one single application.

From groceries list, virtual basket, cashless payment, etc are all accessible within this application. This application is made to help minimize any physical contact that may contaminate us or our product with any virus.