Kim Jung-Gi

Print Media

Kim Jung Gi (김정기) is a Korean artist born in 1975, in Goyang-Si, in the province of Kyongki-Do (South Korea). Jung Gi debuted in 2002-2003 in a Korean comic magazine called Young Jump.

The main objective of the presentation was to create a publication book for the choosen artist and need to at least include minimum of 1000 original words in the publication and the chosen artist has to have sufficient artworks to be diplayed in the publication.

The publication book was bonded with a hard cover and is covered with a printed canvas to make the artwork stands out more, since the book is created for the illustrator.

Overall, the book is filled with the artist's artworks from the beginning till the end, because it what makes him very famous and since he has a lot of work, might as well take advantage of it to layout the book.