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Flotte is a culture-based glamp located in West Papua, Indonesia that offers a hot air balloon island hopping tour.

Flotte was created in 2020 at West Papua with an objective to help the economy growth there since West Papua is the 2nd most poor country in Indonesia.

Flotte logo consists of 4 major parts which
are, the hot air balloon to represent my island hopping tour, 3 islands because there’s a lot of islands in West Papua, the ocean which con- nected the islands together, and the cloud which frames it all together.

The reason why I choose hot air balloon is to represent my bussiness, it will definitely go up but sometimes it has to go down which basically represents life.

The name Flotte derived from a French word which is Flotte and it means Float in English. The Glamp is named Flotte to emphasize the Hot Air Balloon Service which is one of the unique point in this ressort.

The colors chosen are designated to their own unique island.

The striking orange color with its strong personality represents Mansinam Island which has a strong culture of the Mansinam people; a blend of the color blue and green represents Misool Island which is famous for its beautiful clear diving spot; lastly, the Gam island with its breathtaking scenery is represented by the color yellow which is a very attractive and eye- catching color.

Environmental design mockup were also made to give clearer image on how the resort would look like.

All the pictures used were given color treatment to give the brand consistency by following the brand guidelines.